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Options for sedation dentistry

Dental Phobia is very common among children and adults. We want to ensure your visit is a pleasant one. If you feel anxious or nervous while at the dentist, sedation may be a simple solution. Contact our team today to ask about sedation at your next visit.

Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry, Relaxation Dentistry, or Conscious Sedation are all terms that cover the possible ways to control a patient’s anxiety and pain without using a stronger method like general anesthesia. This category of sedation allows a patient to breathe without assistance and respond to physical and verbal stimulations. The two forms are described below. Both these forms commonly cause amnesia and patients usually fall asleep.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide, commonly called laughing gas, is a gentle, non-invasive way to provide you with a relaxing dental experience.

Laughing gas lowers anxiety and reduces pain while still allowing you be awake during your procedure. It also has the amazing property of leaving your system completely after you stop breathing it so that you are free to bring yourself to and from your appointment!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a similar to Nitrous Oxide sedation in that it reduces anxiety while allowing you to remain awake.  Your doctor may prescribe a tablet for you to take before your appointment to help calm nerves and put you at ease for your visit.

Is invisalign right for you?

The Latest in orthodontic aligner technology

Clear aligner braces for are one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry. We’ve been offering them for over a decade with HUNDREDS of happy patients. The process is quick and painless and our financial options allow this treatment to be an affordable option for everyone. Call us today to set up your FREE consultation.

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