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Dental implants, artificial roots and teeth (usually made of titanium) surgically positioned into the upper or lower jawbone, look very natural and enhance or restore a patient’s smile. They replace missing teeth and provide a fixed solution to partial or complete dentures.

Occasionally, normal wear and tear requires implants to be re-tightened or replaced, but most dental implants are very stable, strong, and durable for many years.

What does getting dental implants involve?

Dental implants require a number of visits over the span of several months in order to be properly placed. The process involves an initial surgery to create molds of the bone, gum tissue, and teeth spacing as well as, if necessary, placing “posts” to hold the artificial teeth. After a few weeks of rest, the artificial teeth are fitted in one or more fitting sessions that can span up to two months. Following one more healing period, the artificial teeth are permanently installed.

Once the dental implant treatment is finished, we will give further care instructions to properly care for your implant. As with any dental treatment, proper oral hygiene, good eating habits, and regular dental visits will all aid the life of your implant as well as overall good oral health.

Step by Step

Procedure for Dental Impants

Step 1.



Step 2.

Surgical Guide Fabrication


Step 3.

Tooth Removal and Grafting

(if tooth present)

Step 4.

Implant Placement


Step 5.

Impression for Implant Abutmnet and Crown

Step 6.

Delivery of Implant Abutment and Crown


Bundle Pricing Options


$ 3495
As Low As $89/Month
  • Without


$ 3950
As Low As $101/Month
  • With Extraction
    and Bone Graft
Bundle price must be paid in full prior to beginning treatment. Bundle pricing includes CT, Surgical Guide (if needed), Extraction, Bone Graft, Dental Implant, Abutment and Porcelain Crown.

What if I have Dental Insurance?

We will file it on your behalf and help you get the maximum benefit for these services. However in order to take advantage of our package pricing the full package amount must be paid prior to beginning treatment.

Any payment we receive from your dental insurance carrier will be paid back directly to you!

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