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Advanced Technology

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Advanced Dental Technologies

At Downtown Dental in Raleigh, NC, we are always working to bring our patients the latest and greatest in dental technology, procedures and treatment options.  Here are some of the ways in which we provide you with the most advanced exam and treatment procedures available.

CEREC System

Offering Cerec, same day crowns. These same day crowns make the multi-visit crown procedures a thing of the past. Within one 90-minute session, you will have a visually-appealing solution to a decaying or chipped tooth, no need to book another appointment. Through the use of a computer aided design (CAD) technology, you can have your crown shaped and created during that very visit. This technology with its remarkable precision allows us to use as much of your natural tooth as possible. Cerec crowns are aesthetically appealing as they are made of tooth-colored ceramic material. This material is also easy to maintain as it is plaque-resistant and anti-abrasive. This means that you will be in and out within one 90-minute session and will have a durable solution so you can get on with your day.

Laser Technology

Laser technology has transformed the way patients perceive routine dental visits. Did you used to dread having a procedure done due to associating it with the use of a drill? Well our dental office is proud to offer you laser technology for your cosmetic dental needs. We think you will be happy with the results. First of all, using lasers is a less invasive treatment that reduces the amount of bleeding during a procedure to a minimal amount. And since there is no cutting involved, you won’t need stitches, which means a shorter healing time and virtually no chance of infection. Second, laser technology makes your visit much more pleasant by helping with pain management as there is little to no pain involved, and anesthesia injections aren’t necessary. Third, lasers help your dentist treat cavities with precision by helping him conserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. We are confident that laser technology will help us deliver the best service possible and top-quality dental procedures.

All Digital Radiography (Lower Radiation, No Chemicals):

Your overall well being is important to us, and that’s why our practice has switched to using all digital radiography. Unlike conventional radiography, digital radiography keeps exposure to radiation to a minimum by reducing your exposure to radiation by at least 75%. These digital X-ray systems allows us to control the exposure of each image in real time and make the process more efficient while maintaining high-quality results. This new technology enhances our ability to detect disease and problem areas with more precision and gives you an instant visual of the proposed treatment plan.

Paperless Office:

We are happy to announce that our office has gone paperless, and we think you will be happy with the perks. Our automated appointment system lets you set up your next appointment in a manner that is convenient for your schedule whether text or email. No need to set aside time in your busy schedule to call our office or wait for a postcard reminder to come in the mail. We also offer online bill payment for your convenience. Lastly, going paperless helps us keep you informed about your treatment plan in a visually-appealing manner. Our multimedia patient education technology serves as a good point of reference and makes it easy to share with family and friends.

TVs In All The Operatories:

We want you to feel at home and at ease during your visit. To provide the optimal patient experience, we have overhead chair side TVs with remote control access in all our operatories.

Intraoral Digital Cameras:

Intraoral digital cameras make delivering top patient care more efficient and safe by keeping radiation to a minimum. The way these cameras work is very similar to digital radiography. Through the use of a charged coupled device (CCD), it allows you to see the inside of your mouth from the dentist’s perspective. These images help you to visualize what the dentist is talking about as he walks you through your dental treatment plan, to be proactive in identifying potential problems in the future, and to collaboratively work with the dentist to figure out what treatment plan is the right fit for you. And you can take these images home with you to further consider the proposed work. We aim to take all the guesswork out of dentistry, and these intraoral digital cameras give you a tangible reference in which you can base your decisions regarding future dental work.

Anesthetic Reversal (OraVerse):

OraVerse makes it easier to transition back into your normal routine following a dental procedure that required the use of anesthesia. The lingering effects of anesthesia, such as numbness, can make it difficult to do simple things, such as smiling or drinking and may even at times cause drooling. The beauty of OraVerse, which is now available at our practice, is that it reverses the numbness following local anesthesia. Studies have shown that patients given OraVerse can return to normalcy twice as fast by being able to smile, talk, and drink faster than patients who weren’t given OraVerse. It’s a simple, quick process administered by the dentist in the same manner that the local anesthetic was given.

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